Sunday, April 13, 2014

The Knicks Are A Disgrace

                                                            The Undoing of the Knicks
                                                                  By, Nick Morgasen

Congratulations New York Knicks on a disgraceful season this years as you will now have the summer off watching the playoffs from home. This has been a complete drop off from 54 wins to the mid 30's. They had huge expectations from James Dolan as it was a championship or bust season. You had Carmelo Anthony going into a contract year so you would think he is motivated to lead this Knicks team to the playoffs and possibly a title. Also, they were preparing to cut payroll to get ready for the 2015 free agency class. I don't know if the second time is the charm because the last time they cut payroll for free agency they struck out on every free agent possible including Lebron James laughing at this Knicks team basically saying, ya right!!!! I'm not going to say the Knicks completely struck out, they got Amare Stoudemire (LOL)!!!! He played better down the stretch, but come on he isn't going to carry this dysfunctional team. Another big problem now that J.R. Smith has his contract he wasn't going to try all season he is just going to untie people's shoelaces on the foul line or play with Vince Carter's headband. This team is going to need a lot of help in the future, but wait, THAT'S RIGHT THEY DON'T HAVE A PICK UNTIL 2018!!!!!!!!! Also the pick they would have had this year was part of the Carmelo trade with Denver. So much for take advantage of one of the best Draft classes in a long time!!!! It will also be interesting to see with Phil Jackson at the helm what major decisions he is going to make. Who is going to be the next head coach of the Knicks because it will most likely not be Mike Woodson. We are hearing rumors already of Steve Kerr being the next coach. Next, will Phil be able to get Carmelo to resign with the Knicks. A lot of people are saying if he signs with Knicks it will be only because the team can offer him the most money of any team. Disappointing season for the NY Knicks and if you disagree hit us up on Twitter @intheclutch881 and we will discuss the Knicks and we will talk about the playoff bound Brooklyn Nets. That's all for now this is a rebuilding team that will need at least 3 to 4 years if not all power to them.

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