Sunday, February 9, 2014

Is The Dunk Contest Back?

                                                                                         By Deandre Wilson

    On Saturday night February 15, every basketball fan will be watching to see if  the Sprite Slam Dunk Contest will bring that same excitement that has been missing for several years now. Fans have been really disappointed for couple of years now because each player that has participated hasn’t really put on a show that’s been memorable. The dunk contest has always been the most anticipated event in All-Star weekend because it shows us some of the most acrobatic and insane dunks we thought we would never see. Players like Vince Carter, Jason Richardson, Dominique Wilkins, Blake Griffin and Michael Jordan performed dunks we never thought were possible. We have seen the incredible 360 windmill jam by Vince Carter in 2001, we seen a man by the name of Blake Griffin catch a alley-hoop over the hood of Kia in 2011, we seen an off the bounce between the legs reverse jam by Jason Richardson in 2003 and we seen the famous double pump free throw line dunk by Michael Jordan in 1988.
Vince Carter Windmill Jam in 2001 Dunk Contest 
Dunks that we seen in past years blew our minds as we jump out of our seats as soon as we seen these dunks performed. To this day we still mention these dunks wondering if there is more that can be done we never seen. This has been the issue recently in the dunk contest because we want to feel that same emotion we felt years ago when we saw something remarkable. It’s been so bad lately, we look towards Miami Heat pre-game warm ups when we get to see LeBron James do amazing dunks that haven’t even came close to being seen in the past two years of the dunk contest. We as basketball fans beg players like LeBron James, Josh Smith, Russell Westbrook and more to compete in the dunk contest because we see every night in games what they can do giving us hope that maybe they would show us something new. Unfortunately players like this are crucial parts of their teams in competing for a championship and they don’t want to risk injury. Since star players don’t really want to compete in the dunk contest anymore a lot of players that are not well known enter like Jeremy Evans and Javale McGee.   Since the last two years the dunk contest has become that event people don't really want to watch anymore when it use to be one of the most popular events. But good news basketball fans, this year three all-star players has stepped up to the plate. These three players will try to bring back that energy that has been missing in the contest with their different displays of crazy dunks in the first half of the season. Paul George, John Wall and Damian Lillard headline the Sprite Slam Dunk Contest as the favorites because they are the most noticeable players in the NBA. Paul George is a up and coming superstar for the Indiana Pacers, John Wall right now is playing as one of the top point guards in league and Damian Lillard is the key component on the Portland Trailblazers recent success being third in the Western confernce. The dunk contest will also feature last year champion Terrence Ross, Golden State Warrior Harrison Barnes and rookie Ben Mclemore. With these big names highlighting the dunk contest we can only imagine what will happen Saturday night.      


 Who Is Your Winner ?


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